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Left Anterior Clinoid Meningioma Surgery

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Welcome to the group. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had a meningeoma on my optic nerve and carotid artery. I had 85% of it removed on August 28th 2018. Mine was found also due to vision loss in my left eye. My surgery lasted ten hours. I was in the hospital four days after surgery and so far I don't have any complications.I have lost most of my vision in my left eye now but my neurosurgeon said that is expected and I will eventually lose all of the vision in that eye. My tumor is not growing as of my 6 month check-up, but he will monitor it every 6 months with MRI. If it starts growing he will do radiation. I will try to answer any questions you may have as well as others on here that have been through this. My prayers are with you. Take care

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Thank you for responding. It’s definitely nice to see that you are doing well. I expected loss of vision at some point although the Dr. at Mayo seems to think I only have a 10% chance of losing vision completely and 50/50 chance that I will stay the same or slightly improve if I have the surgery.

Did you have your surgery at Mayo in Rochester? I’m in Oklahoma and while there are good surgeons here, the hospital is a concern for me so if I do choose to do this I will definitely do it at Mayo in MN.

I have been told that the surgery would probably be 6-8 hours, in hospital 3-5 days as long as there are no complications and recovery would be 3 months. With a follow up at Mayo 3 months after surgery for a MRI and visit with the surgeon. Then watching it after that.

I’m told that this type of tumor will not shorten my life span, however it may, and most likely will make me go blind, if I don’t have the surgery. You sound like you were in a similar position, did you ever think of not getting the surgery? And, at this point, do you have any regrets from having the surgery?

I know I really should do the surgery (and I most likely will) but it’s like the devil I know vs. the devil I don’t know, which is the scary part.

I wish you all the best in your recovery, you sound like you are handling this very well!