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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Mar 19, 2019 | Replies (22)

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@nannette Hi Nan. I see that you sleep on 3 or 4 pillows for acid reflux instead of a wedge. I told my second opinion Dr. at Mayo Clinic that I did the same thing and he said absolutely not to do that. He said that can contort/bend the body and put pressure on the abdomen that will aggravate and worsen the problem. I find the wedge makes a great difference over the pillows. That and not eating or drinking 3 hours before bed pretty much has eliminated the reflux for me. Sorry to say this as I read you hate the wedge. Perhaps give it another try? Kate

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@alleycatkate, @nannette I am guilty of sleeping with two pillows and I do contort my body due to my little dog hogging the bed. I am actually more comfortable in a contorted position. LOL. I too refrain from food and drink 3 hrs prior to bedtime and haven't had a burning esophagus in years. I hope I am not having the silent reflux.

@alleycatkate Kate, I should surely give it another try but it just seems to work for me better that way. I think I, like @windwalker, seem to be comfortable in a contorted position! Not really, but I seem comfortable that way. I think that my wedge that I had was just so big that I hated it. I might try another one. And I try not to eat or drink for the three hours before bedtime but I can't do it every time. I would get a partial failure in that department and I know that's not good but I sit pretty much straight up on nights that I cheat.