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Hello @johnwes5819

I'm inclined to agree with Martin. @predictable, that a consult with an endocrinologist might be helpful. Some of your symptoms sound like a problem with your parathyroid (different than the thyroid, but in a similar location). You might ask specifically to have a blood test done to check on the parathyroid hormone levels. I would also encourage you to seek a second opinion at a Mayo facility or at the very least a university medical center with a multidisciplinary approach.

I hope you find some answers. Will you post again?

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@hopeful33250 Thank you for your reply. I would like to speak with an endocrinologist. I had visited one that needed a referral but I needed something wrong in order to be referred. So my doctor used the low vitamin D diagnosis as a reason to see him last year. Well after visiting, he said my labs looked fine and his daughter that quit college because of anxiety and depression had the same symptoms as me. So he was biased because of his daughter. He gave me a number for a psychiatrist and that was it. No further testing, no extensive work up. Just "your labs from your other doc look fine except for vitamin D, take a vitamin D supplement, and call this psychiatrist, take care". I've never been to another endo since. That was in March of last year. I would love to visit the mayo or university but my insurance kind of has me tied down to Indiana.