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Hi, @johnwes5819– thanks for this helpful breakdown of your story down into your most bothersome episodic symptoms. Thanks to @jenniferhunter for the insights. I thought that in addition, you may also be interested in some input from @hopeful33250 @predictable @oldkarl @dawn_giacabazi and @sandytoes14.

Here is the previous post @johnwes5819 mentions, for reference https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/its-been-a-year-and-a-half-im-an-undiagnosed-mystery/.

What symptom are you most concerned about presently?

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Hi @lisalucier. Thank you for the reply ­čÖé

There's not really one that's more concerning than the rest. They all seem to work against me. The depressive episodes I have are really scary but I'm pretty sure it's something in my body that's causing the depression. Most of the doctors I've seen don't have time to further investigate. For instance all of my CT and MRI's show abnormal qualities to me after researching. Some which look like ulcers, lesions or cancer. But when you bring it up to a doctor, they don't want to go through finding a radiologist to look over them again or even look at them themselves.

Something is not right, changes are happening, and my body is on the fritz. I do know that I've always been warm and I would go out in 40-degree weather in a t-shirt because it felt good to me. However 2 years ago when my health declined, my hands and feet are always freezing and I need to bundle up and constantly keep a space heater running at home. I get really bad lower back pain after standing for a while, and then my blood pressure goes high and my heart rate jumps high. It could be a form of pots but I don't faint. It's honestly really hard to figure out which direction to start in. That's why I've been to a lot of doctors. Chasing the symptoms is really all you can do. However, I need a team that communicates.