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…after right eye "lasered" (local miserable hateful ophthalmologist .. truly) you could not ask him anything and he hardly spoke or told you what he was doing, I had various shapes and sizes too which, thankfully, are less now but one was like a miniature donut shape black and tiny … and others…. it's really unbelievable and I wondered how can floaters have such unique shapes. I did see a specialist at a teaching hospital in toronto but years ago , before i got glaucoma and now cant travel there, and he said he could perform surgery, do cataracts at same time "and clean things up" but I was too scared to have done. it took me 2 years to get the guts to have an Iridotomy…. and now I find I still cant take many meds with glaucoma… honestly, its bad enough having eye issues but hearing so many different opinions from "those in the know" doesn't help.

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Lacy, With some of the talk on floaters, it made me think of other things I’ve learned through reading online and through comments my vitreoretinal surgeon has made along the way. And..things I was never told.

– When I contemplated traditional cataract surgery on my left eye (our insurance doesn’t cover laser surgery), my surgeon told me I’d be “very happy” with the outcome. He did not mention that there were ANY risks involved. Since I had considerable floaters in that eye already, I made the request of him that he “please not cause me any more floaters” during the cataract surgery. He said he could not guarantee that. After surgery, within a couple days, the eye showed a new retinal tear that had to be repaired AND I now showed considerably more floaters (the veil, I’ve mentioned many times in posts). SO, these cataract surgery residual problems (maybe, surgeon errors) led me to need cryosurgery to heal the torn retina and the FOV for debilitating floaters.. In the time in between my cataract surgery debacle and FOV, I read “risks of cataract surgery” online and found “retinal tears” and “development of more floaters” as some of the most common adverse effects of the surgery. Additionally, I have the peripheral light streaks.

So, cataract surgery caused me: 1. A retinal tear – that needed immediate surgery 2. New floaters veil – for which I got the FOV and 3. Peripheral light streaks (called positive dysphotopsia) – that I live with

Conclusion: I went in to the cataract surgery thinking “you’ll be very happy with the results.” They told me surgeries are like “100 percent effective”…. I should have studied more. Even when you’re having a surgery that so many people get now, it is NEVER risk-free. They are not likely to tell you. I thought I had the best ophthalmology group, at least nearby me. I should have studied more online and looked into other surgeons.

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