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Thank you all for the replies…

I booked a second opinion with a retina specialist in Chicago for the end of this month.

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@markymark215 A couple of things that happened in my case that I need to keep track of like diabetes (not yet but runs in my family), eye pressure (high blood pressure), dry eyes. Sometimes I also get a thicker film along with floaters which makes it more difficult to see. Seeing retina specialist regularly. Good luck.

Hi, In searching for information online prior to my FOV, I found considerable information under Dr Jerry Sebag and Dr Randall Wong. At an ophthalmology conference on youtube, Dr. Sebag discusses the idea of debilitating floaters and has a diagnostic process to determine when floaters are bad enough to consider a FOV. Dr. Randall Wong also provides webinars, discussion groups and interviews online. Maybe, you’ve seen these but I didn’t want to assume anything! If you have other references or discussion groups that you’ve found, please, post them. Of course, if anybody in group has good references to material, please post! Thanks

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