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@markymark215 A couple more thoughts to add to my previous comments…I think I was 72 when I had my surgeries. Also, a vision test doesn’t prove much when analyzing the severity of this condition. I would sit in the chair looking at that chart, blinking and moving my eyes and head, taking a moment, trying to clear away the “floaters” so I could see to read the chart. And then they’d tell me my vision was good. Just remembering those days raises my level of frustration! Take care.

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susan…. I do not say this lightly but it is something that has crossed my mind if I have to make a decision in the future: I am 77. …years ago when, for instances, cataract surgery was performed, they did one eye at a time… I do not know why but I wonder if it was not only so the person could "see" with one eye while other healed or ? Would it make sense to perhaps not have surgery or treatment for both eyes at same time, but to have any procedure done to one eye and waiting to find out how the eye heals etc. ? I am so anxious I have even done this with eye drops as have so many reactions…isnt it horrible to not only live with illness and disease but also with the fear of the unknown and decision-making?

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