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It is challenging to try to describe all the different types of floaters each person experiences: specs, little circles, squiggly lines, bugs, flies, butterflies, flags, veils etc. Some are dark/black and some are lighter. Some are big and some small.

My worst floaters were a bunch of very small floaters (75 or so tiny circles) that covered a considerable area both vertically and laterally and, consistently, passed through my vision field. Driving became maddening and scary so I had my FOV done December 3. I’ve updated results in this group periodically.

As Susan said, it makes sense to allow time for your recent onset of a few floaters to settle and/or for you to neuroadapt to them. Essentially, your mind may be able to “blow them off”, so to speak, after a while. I’m 62, so you, being 29, have plenty of different considerations in how to best treat this condition. Good luck with your retinal specialist!

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…after right eye "lasered" (local miserable hateful ophthalmologist .. truly) you could not ask him anything and he hardly spoke or told you what he was doing, I had various shapes and sizes too which, thankfully, are less now but one was like a miniature donut shape black and tiny … and others…. it's really unbelievable and I wondered how can floaters have such unique shapes. I did see a specialist at a teaching hospital in toronto but years ago , before i got glaucoma and now cant travel there, and he said he could perform surgery, do cataracts at same time "and clean things up" but I was too scared to have done. it took me 2 years to get the guts to have an Iridotomy…. and now I find I still cant take many meds with glaucoma… honestly, its bad enough having eye issues but hearing so many different opinions from "those in the know" doesn't help.

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