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@Stuckonyou, I believe all of the institutions you named and large university medical centers are the best places to go when you have a condition that remains undiagnosed or unresolved locally. As a major referral center, Mayo Clinic sees many patients who seek a second opinion — and for good reason. In a recent study, Mayo researchers found that as many as 66 percent of these patients have their original diagnosis refined and in 21 percent of cases, changed. See this article: https://www.mayoclinic.org/giving-to-mayo-clinic/philanthropy-in-action/features-stories/the-value-of-a-second-opinion

Mayo Clinic specializes in being able to diagnose where others have failed. Here's more info about Mayo and requesting a second opinion. https://www.mayoclinic.org/answers

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Thank you Colleen! You just informed me about that question I asked you in private messaging.. I'm going to respond future here before reading the links you included. A part of me is hoping that this field, this group, this process has a specific name/identity. I ask Doc F if she ever heard.of such a group, she had not but suggested that I sign back into “ connects “ after being absent far too long but as my vision worsened a question arose for ne if straining to see while typing with one finger was making matters worse. I did miss having my “ connection “. Buddies and a place were
It’s been comfortable to ask and propose ideas.

I will read those links however if you know someone or a specific source for exploring more deeply I will very much appreciate your help. You have been exceptional in your job as a director. Mayo needs a placket with your name and face on it. I would pay homage to it every time I would be at the facility. From me to ALL OF YOU DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS!
You inspire me to do the same thing; to volunteer to help those of u seeking help. I wish I could do more for you and ALL OF YOU. You are The Best Colleen!