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@stuckonu it was good to hear some details about the issues with your vision, apart from the issues you’ve had with the many providers you’ve seen. A couple thoughts and comments in response to yours:

As I said once before in this thread, the term, floaters, seems to me to be a misnomer, because the floaters I experienced from my deteriorating vitreous were unlike any other floaters I had experienced. They certainly were more debilitating. Your brief description of “colors and lights” is unlike my experience although the comment “shapes and movement” was part of mine. I was reassured when I read all the descriptions from other people that we shared the commonality of moving phenomena that obscured vision. The description of that phenomena did vary just a bit from person to person but gauzy wisps and pond water under a microscope seemed to resonate. Colors and lights reminds of the phenomena experienced by some with migraine headaches. Whatever your experience, your vision is a constant struggle with varying degrees of impairment. That constant struggle and effort is a shared experience here. And hearing the experiences of other people makes one not feel so alone or that they are imagining things.

I’m not sure how someone on the phone would say with certainty whether or not you should have cataract surgery without examining you. I get that sometimes more than one issue is present and can confound a diagnosis and solution, but that struck me as unusual.

You mention without elaboration an EXPERIMENT. Not understanding what that entails, I can’t comment.

After seeing Ophthalmologists and a Vitreous-Retinal specialist and after a long history of unusual issues without resolution, I would probably be headed to a trusted research and teaching facility such as Mayo or other such institution.

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Hi Susan,

I want to attempt to clarify a few things that must be confusing. You said that you didn't know how someone could on the phone could say “ with certainty “ whether or not I should have cataract surgery. I'll try to explain.

I had said in the post that you are referring to that the neuro- ophthalmologist told me, based on what I told him that for about 4 years I've had my eyes examined and very few of the many eye doctors that I saw even mentioned that I had these “ very small cortical cataract. “ cortical meaning shaped like a spoke wheel which eventually I was told ( they theorized ) the the reason my vision impairment was “ probably do to my seeing between the spokes “ personally I didn't like that answer and didn't think I was the main reason I was at one point said to be legally blind then two days later told that I did not need Rx glasses. Drug store glasses were good enough. When the NO on the phone first said “ tell me everything “ he wanted to know every medication I take and if I take them as prescribed; which I don't.

I was told by him that if I indeed had tiny cataracts and there are times I can see without the aid of ANY eye glasses then it's as likely as not that cataract surgery wasn't needed AT THIS TIME, AND ( I also read this when I looked up “ cornia edema “ cataract surgery before resolving the cornea edema and why I have it, cataract surgery ( the cart before the horse so to speak, could result in irrepairable damage ) So to me one of the most profound and succinct words I've heard so far was: “ we know that you have cataract because they've been discovered but something(s) else is causing your vision loss. Find out first what that is ESPECIALLY since your cataract are small.”
I told my current doctor exactly what he said. Moreover, I told her that her specialist was too quick to want to do surgery on my cataracts, but how can it be cataract is there are days that I don't need glasses of any kind? She agreed then agreed to do MY EXPERIMENT.

I've NOTICED over the years that as I get older the dilution that most doctors insist on doing, takes longer and longer for me to recover from. Since June this year I've been dilated 6 times. The last time I was so impaired that I thought I would never see clearly again. I theorized that my age now takes longer to recover just as I do from physical activity. ( raking the lawn for instance )

I reminded her of the one month of near perfect vision from the combo drops she Rx’d for me. The first experiment was that I would stop using the drop, visit and have my vision checked. Put the drops in an check my vision again twice. Once after one drop and ten minutes later after a second drop. The results blew her mind. First off my vision was worse in Oct than it was in June. I speculated that the dilations made my vision worse.

I came up with a part 2 experiment and things were going great for awhile. But “ the floaters “ I told her about and asked her about was never addressed as it is here. Monday I'm calling her and ask her about what all of you educated me about.

Back to my phone call with the NO who said “ we know you have small cataract but what else is going on? The cornea edema has not been present since the first drops. The floaters and colors are still getting worse.

I had an Mri and Mra with contrast and have no abnormalities that they can see. It's the colors that she is concerned about.

I guess time will tell. I'm typing this with no glasses on an iPhone one letter, one finger at a time.

BTW my eyes are changing from brown to bluish gray.

Take care. Hope I answered you question and the phone call