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@stuckonu The first lesson with eye specialist appointments is to always expect to have eyes dilated! They really should tell one to consider whether you’re going to need a driver and should always give you some sunglasses to wear if you didn’t bring your own.

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GOod Morning Susan and all, If for any reason there is ANYTHING about my story in YOUR THREAD, please do not hesitate to say: “ maybe it's time to start your own thread “ I'm VERY used to conventional thinkers ( no slight intended or inferred ) In your first post you mentioned wanting to hear other members experiences like yours and not only I but an amazing group of other members related. I find this thread exceptionally helpful and relevant to my “ experiences “.

I realized after rereading my posts and others posts that I never mentioned the “ floaters “ aspect but that term caught my eye ( no pun intended ) because there was that aspect of my changing vision that I finally ask Doc B about several visits into seeing her.

Maybe this is interesting because, as I mentioned she's a professor as well as a practitioner which i’m pretty sure her liberalness with my curiosity, theories and feedback has opened her up to not only listening to me but truly hearing me. So when I asked her about “ floaters “ She simply said “ yes, they’re inside the eye.” Actually I never new that and perhaps that could have led to a follow up by her to ask me why I asked. Now I'm excited to talk with her again to tell her what I read here. But after she explained we quickly went back to MY EXPERIMENT which she agreed to participate in after I presented her with a theisis like argument for why I didn't want the cataract surgery NOW.

She gave me her cell phone number and several times now we spoke on her way home from work for 35 to 45 minutes. I truly feel as if she is a collaborative partner in my vision problem. After she told me that “ Doctors don't talk to each other but rely on their notes and confessed to me that in 7 months she spoken with me more than she has with him in two years; and they work in the same building and department. I also kidded her that if my experiment works and she publishes in the New England Jourmal of Medicine that I want “ honorable mention “ she laughed really heartily and then asked me if I ever thought about being a doctor? My reply was that “ blood makes me sqirm, but I did want to be a research scientist but my parent never got me the big chemistry set I asked for every Christmas because they later told me they were afraid I might blow up the house “ she really laughed at that. She told me she thought I would be a great one and maybe it's not to late: “ you already got my attention and here we are actually doing YOUR WORK “ I was seriously honored. Most doctors HATE MY THEORUZING!.

I digress. I have yet talked about “ the floaters “ but I am talking about the aspects and details of what I see including COLORS, SHAPES, LIGHT, MOVEMENT, and I from the being thought that they reminded me in a way “ like ‘ floaters ‘ “ but they are different enough that I was afraid that using a word that has a fairing specific image/definition so I didn't want to lead this journey down a possible wrong path. In fact is like you to help me understand how that word came up for you? As an artist I never thought of doing a series of paintings called “FLOATERS” but I will do it now and will do a search after typing here to see if their are any representations of them. [ JUMP: PC analogy on another page ] Maybe you know if there exists a way of photographing them. From what I know that might be impossible?!?

It’s VERY INTERESTING to me that several of you seem to agree that what you see are “ floaters “ but you agree that they appear differently to each of you.
I really really like this information and want to hear and ask more.

As I mentioned Susan if you want me to take my
“fLOaTeRs” elsewhere I'll gladly do that but you started this thread so your thoughts and feedback is to be respected by me. Please let me know. I'm going to take a coffee and floater search break.