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Hi again Susan, As you can see I've made my way through most of your replies from others and added a few thoughts and some info about my own “ problem “ so far it's an unnamed baby; more like a 5 year old brat! But if you noticed I've been typing a long time and my vision is holding up. I will explain but like you mention the “ your experience is YOURS” mine is mine and I found a far out university ophthalmologist who has afforded me some leverage that I can only wish to get from other doctors. I think M777 mention that “ sometimes doctors don't listen “ I mentioned that “ doctors refer “ I had my first visit with her in June my eye exams was 20/20 left 20/40 right. She did detect something called “ cornia edima “ and RX'd antibiotic / steroid drops. 4x a day for a week then 1x a day til our next appointment. But the drops were near miraculous. I didn't need glass to watch TV, drive, or read a paper back early in the day. After cutting back on the dose I started struggling a little. But over the phone I reasoned: if I could see clearly with drops then my cataracts can't be THAT much of the issue. I told her what the N-O told me. But she wanted me to see the young cornia specialist but warned me to to be offended by his bedside manner.
I HATED my appointment with him. He quickly told his assistant to schedule cataract surgery. I asked him about the corn is edema? He commented” I don't know what the hell she's talking about “ Unprepared I asked not to be dialated but they dialated me twice and he complained that he still couldn't get an accurate measurement. My appt was at 2 PM I was the last to leave at 5 PM. I was blind and driving. I sat on the curb and called 2 friends for a ride but neither was there. The Doc, the nurse, and the front desk lady walked out saw me sitting on the curb as the sun was setting; none of them asked” are you okay “ so I drive home 5 miles painful sun blinding me, weaving off the edge of the road, people blow the horn at me, I as most missed the turn on to my cutoff street and landed in a soybean field. But home and was blind for a week.
Monday the phone started reading for surgery and covid test and I just said CANCELLED.
WHEN I talked to the first doc I asked if she spoke with the cornia doc. Her answer: “ No, but I read his notes “ I asked if they word in the same building. She said yes but doctors depend on NOTES NOT CONVERSATION.
Talk about lights flashing in my brain.

There's a part 2 What happened when I went to another University doctor with RAVE REVIEWS.

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@stuckonu The first lesson with eye specialist appointments is to always expect to have eyes dilated! They really should tell one to consider whether you’re going to need a driver and should always give you some sunglasses to wear if you didn’t bring your own.