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Hi Susan,

I had my FOV on my left eye 2 weeks ago. As I told you, I was entering that surgery with a PCO (posterior capsular opacity, aka “secondary cataract”), which my retina surgeon said he would take care of during the FOV. So, the procedure was done with a local anesthetic and took him about 10 minutes. They placed a patch on my eye the day of surgery and removed it the next day in his office. At that point, I was, largely, pleased with the result. I was was seeing about 20-20 but told him there were some (maybe, 5-15) “spec-sized” floaters that were obvious to me. His response to my concern was that these would go away in a couple weeks.

I had my followup 2-week appointment yesterday and the doctor was very pleased that he saw no floaters in his exam and my retina was “flat” which is good. He saw no evidence of any eye conditions/diseases. However, I said that the “specs” remain and that is a bit concerning since the expectation he set was that there would be -0- floaters. We talked and he agreed that these specs will be eliminated by their passing through the trabecular meshwork and out of the eye. Additionally, the fact that the new saline fluid infused into the vitreous cavity during surgery is more liquefied than my original vitreous fluid, allows ANY floaters/debris to move more easily OR settle to bottom of the eye. This was VERY encouraging to me going forward. With that, my hope is that I will be floater-free in that eye in the coming weeks or months! I’ll update you and everyone on my progress!