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I recently saw my regular ophthalmologist for a yearly check up. I thanked her over and over for referring me to the retinal surgeon. She was interested and pleased with the outcome of my vitrectomy. She even asked me what kinds of questions she might ask a patient that would help her understand that a deteriorating vitreous might be the cause of the visual complaints. I describe my symptoms as increasing over time, first one eye and then both, visual effects similar to looking at pond water through a microscope, multiple one celled creatures, some in clumps, constantly moving, and yes, sometimes scarily obscuring vision. Or another way of describing—wispy , gauzy bits of moving clouds, between me and what I’m trying to see. Good Luck

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@susan2018 your description is quite good. Mine is like a brown thread in the middle of my eye but constantly moving along with business. I like the pond water description.

Hi, I am scheduled for a Floaters Only Vitrectomy (FOV) and a concurrent Capsulotomy for Posterior Capsular Opacity (PCO) on my left eye on December 3rd. As I understand it, PCOs are very common in post cataract patients and capsulotomy is a simple YAG laser procedure. I was encouraged to go forward with the FOV by Dr. Sebag, on-line articles and my ophthalmologist/vitreo-retinal specialist. The surgery has been described as 99 percent effective and this runs similar to cataract surgery success profile. Also, the fact that I will have capsulotomy FIRST should afford me excellent chance of -0- floaters after the FOV.

Of course, I am very thankful to you for starting and expanding this discussion group. Your reports have been very helpful in my decision. I am very hopeful of a positive surgery result and I will be in touch. Happy Thanksgiving