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Am still dealing with problematic eye floaters and cloudiness that it feels like I can only see from one eye. At times I don't feel safe driving. A couple of weeks ago I insisted on getting an appointment with retinal specialist who said he did not detect retinal detachment but see him again in 2 months. Very frustrating and costly.

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Hi, how about seeing another doctor? Note be careful about telling ANY Dr you're worried about driving. Drs can be power mad and often will tell the DMV. Your driver license will be revoked immediately.

I am so sorry you did not get help. How you describe your issues is exactly what I experienced. Did you discuss the effects of vitreous degeneration on your vision with the specialist? I was grateful that the person I saw understood my problem and knew he could help even though he couldn’t see what I was seeing. Don’t give up.

I can't count the number of ophthalmologista that I've seen over a 5 plus year period of time. A couple points that seemed obvious to me but because this is medicine in the 21st century. Tell you PCP a problem that outside their purvey and they're trained to “ refer “ but your sick today and your referral is in 3 months. I like to say to the PCP “ but this Eclipse is TONIGHT! and won't happen again in 800 years “ not one doctor ever gets the metaphor.
I did an obscure search on the net and found a doctor in Richmond VA. I called, explained to the nurse, she put the doc on the phone and said : “ start at the beginning and tell me EVERYTHING” Every doctor who ever said those exact worlds to me turned out to be like a southeastern. These words stood out to me:
1 we can say the you have at least two vision issues going on: one is obvious ; cataracts and 2 at least one other thing that is not obvious, so there maybe be multiple things going on and the goal is to name them all” “ Since every positive exam says that you “ cortical cataract “ are too small to operate (( risk factor ) I suggest you stay away from ophthalmologists who make their money from cataract survey and routine exams and some from the sale of glasses; don't go to them for an opinion. I suggest you search for a neuro-ophthalmologist. There are not many of us. You can see me but you may need to be hear a week or more and bring a driver with you. I'll do a search in your area and call you back.

I'm not saying the a N-O is the answer but they don't asses patients the same way. In most cases they don't do cataract surgery. His other advice was DO NOT HAVE THE CATARACT REMOVED! That can obscure the unknown issues and in fact make the other conditions worse or cause new problems that you don't have. I love this Doc!

Certainly you can do a search for one then call and see if he’ll talk to you before making an appointment. Maybe he’ll be a Mensch? I wish you the best in the new year and forever!