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Thank you for writing about this as I'm experiencing terrible floaters and blurring in one eye so only one eye is functioning. I've been to eye doctors 3times and Monday a different eye doctor but keep getting put off...told nothing to do. Eye surgery is discouraged. What do you suggest I should inquire or questions to ask? Thanks for your input.

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The first and most important thing is to get to a retinal specialist/surgeon. I was referred to one but had to travel to a large city. Even they can’t see what you’re seeing but should understand and certainly have the ability to safely perform the vitrectomy. As with any surgery, understand the risks (in this case a retinal detachment) but make sure the physician also understands your desperation. I had little luck getting my optometrist or ophthalmologist to understand my problem because I didn’t understand myself what was wrong and probably didn’t do a good job of explaining what I was experiencing. I’m not sure sure it’s helpful to just complain of floaters because what I saw was unlike any floaters I had had before. Like you, my vision was continually being obscured by moving clouds of debris from the deteriorating vitreous. It started in one eye but eventually involved both eyes. I think there was a time surgery was discouraged because the need depended on a patient’s subjective report of the problem as well as the accompanying potential risk of a detachment, perhaps especially more so in the past. I almost gave up finding help but am so glad I didn’t.