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Floaters Only Vitrectomy

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Susan, et al. My ophthalmologist called my floaters, “vitreous debris”. He stressed that surgery is dangerous and he didn’t recommend it! It never dropped
like he thought it would. The football shaped debris never dropped and blocks two letters of every word I read. It’s in the left eye and so annoying! I don’t
know how the “bubble” works to eradicate the vitreous debris. Is there any other method to remove or move it or cause it to drop below my sight line. Moo1

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I went to a specialist that has done many of these. It was similar to cataract surgery or lassie (I've had both). It was relatively easy, about 10 days of no heavy lifting and using drops. The eye healed great and I can see better than ever! Now I want the other eye done. I had no idea just how bad it had gotten. I have struggled for years.

How long has it been since your surgery? It took awhile but my one piece of debris in one eye has settled. It does occasionally pop up and is irritating but then disappears again. It is a good reminder of his bad things were before the surgery.

If I understand you correctly, you are having issues with a significant floater—that you have not had any surgery, i.e. Vitrectomy, and that your ophthalmologist has discouraged such surgery. My first question would be how long you’ve had this? If you’ve given it time to settle down and it is still affecting your vision, if I were you, I would request a referral to a VitreoRetinal specialist. It took a long time for my ophthalmologist to recognize what I was complaining about. In fact it wasn’t until I saw his partner that I got a referral to a specialist. She told me they couldn’t help me but would refer me. Your local ophthalmologist doesn’t have to be the end of the line for you.

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