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@susan2018 Follow up: So I saw my retinal surgeon today and she agreed to do a FOV, I am nervous yet excited! I won't have surgery until June for my right eye first, but I will follow up here with my results then. As far as my massive long and thin starburst and haze when looking at lights that happened only after my YAG treatment, my surgeon can only guess that these are due to my previous Lasik procedures done 20 years ago. We have SO much more to learn about the delicate nuances of our eyes, and I have(among others), taken our sight for granted all this time.

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@michaels777 whatever you said today must have convinced her. At the same time that I’m astounded by all that can be done, I’m also acutely aware of all that is not known. There is a lot of educated guessing going on. Like being led to believe my problems were dry eyes, when it was really the degenerating vitreous. It’s been 2 month today since my surgery and my eye feels pretty good, just a bit scratchy particularly when I wake up in the morning. I am still on steroid eye drops but have tapered down to once a day. I go back to surgeon in two weeks and hope to schedule my other eye for a couple weeks after that. I will await your report in June.