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@susan2018 Thanks so much for your reply. I've been aware of the loose vitreous in my left eye for a few years. I'm not sure, but maybe 5 years ago? The right eye happened about a year after the left. Mine settle when I concentrate on holding my eye still. Blinking doesn't affect it, but they move after I move the direction of my gaze. It might take about 2 or 3 seconds for them to settle. They seem to move the opposite direction of where my eye turns which makes sense because that is how water reacts if you slosh it in a bucket. If you turn the bucket, the water stay stationary. I thank you for sharing your experience. Please check in and let me know how you're doing when you have the other eye done.

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@jenniferhunter Everyone’s experience dealing with the floaters seems subtly different, for example, your holding your head still and letting them settle vs my need to move my head and gaze to clear a path through my central vision. Yet, the shared complaint is that they are an interference that takes effort and energy every moment of the day. It took me a couple frustrating years to get a diagnosis. Part of the problem seemed to be that when my vision would be checked, with effort and my repeated clearing of the floaters during testing, my sight was good. They just didn’t seem to understand, and perhaps I didn’t completely either, and I evidently wasn’t able to explain, that my problem wasn’t my vision, it was that my vision was being obscured. I’ll keep in touch.