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Hi ,
Heres a few pictures of each day as Sat was starting to taper down . Limitations are for first 10 days , No makeup , ice it hourly, no lifting or bending and no blowing your nose for first month , than lightly till the stents are removed . And no picking , Tylenol works for the minium pain as I take Hydrocodone already for Fibromyalgia. So sure that helps to . First few days are uneasy as your nose feels very dry or plugged light dripping . So I already purchase a small humidifier for our room . Helps and its not overly bad recovery for myself . As They didnt have to pack my nose due to low bleeding during the surgery. So sure big pluss , as I also use a ointment for the scar for the first week too .
I've been Constant with following the restrictions as I dont want issues or have to drive 6 hours to go back .
So thought I would share a not so pretty pictures as if your curious as I would be too . Only thing is , these pictures goes sideways, trying to figure how to straighten them. Hmmmm

I have not had any watering since , as they say I will till stents are removed . Than I'll know how well the surgery went . So I figure bye summer , will be the time .😊 Looking forward to not being a " big cry babie " anymore 😉😪
Last picture was taken yesterday
( Sunday ) As today it's a week that I had my surgery .

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very interesting. Your pictures turn when each one were touched on my phone.Prayers it help. will they do the other eye too or did you only have dry eye on one side. Thanks

Has your scar disappeared? I just had surgery two weeks ago and my incision looks so big that I am afraid that it won't heal correctly.