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I'd like to ask @lakelifelady @jmjlove @rldawg @pegharlow and @bermuda to join this discussion about eating after stroke.

Jules, it's not uncommon to experience a loss of appetite after a stroke. Your mom has had a lot of changes. You mention that she pushes her food away. Is she able to talk? Does she tell you why she doesn't want it? Does she push everything away or eat a bit and then push it away?

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Thank you all for your comments ... It has been it has been over 10 weeks since the stroke. My mom has started being able to eat a little more variety... they have started her on different foods and she has Started getting her appetite back a little bit. She stills has her feeding tube in:(.
Hopefully it will be removed soon...
I appreciate your all the answers and help thank you so much

I have this same issue with my mother, she has had three strokes, she sleeps all day and she eats a little bit the pushes away. Should I be concerned about this?