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@lynnwade54 Wow, we are almost identical in our dates! I had both done on Jan 7th and my MUA on Feb 25th. Yes lots of stiffness and tightness and pain started coming back. Just met with my surgeon yesterday for my concerns. We discussed the fact that my home and clinic PT have been vigorous and he believes I need to back off the PT for 2 weeks to let the inflammation settle and heal. I'm continuing my stationary biking and some of the stretching and strengthening exercises. Staying away from over bending and aggravating the knees. Doing a recheck in 2 weeks to see if this helps. Let me know what your Dr suggests. Take care!

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This is very aggravating, I woke up this morning to experiencing a clenching feeling in my knee. It feels as though metal is clenching both sides of my knee and numbness is around the bottom of my leg. I have been trying to exercise it to get some relief, but has not been successful. My knee is still very swollen and hot, I have been icing it still no relief. Has anyone experienced this metal clenching in the knee. Please can anyone help!
I am going to address all of these issues with my doctor tomorrow.

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