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Hi I had TKR on Jan.8,2019. I have experienced the rubber-band tightness. I also had MUA on February 27th and I am still experiencing the stiffness of the knee as well as the tightness. I have an appointment with my surgeon this week, not sure if he is going to suggest I have arthroscopic surgery to do a clean up or if he will suggest going back into the knee. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do.

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@lynnwade54 please let us know if this works for you. I have had this feeling for 19 months post surgery.

That's not very long post of. Took about four months for my tightness to clear up. PT helping a lot.

I had my TKR on Jan.4th, 2019 and posted asking if anyone has experienced the rubber band tightness. You and I are just a few days apart so I am curious
as to your progress and treatment, etc. Please post what your surgeon suggests you do to alleviate the tight band. Do they think it's scar tissue? How is your ROM? Mine is very good, so I don't think it's due to that. My Dr. Says it will go away...but when? I see no improvement. I hope you get the answers and the solution you need soon.

@lynnwade54 Wow, we are almost identical in our dates! I had both done on Jan 7th and my MUA on Feb 25th. Yes lots of stiffness and tightness and pain started coming back. Just met with my surgeon yesterday for my concerns. We discussed the fact that my home and clinic PT have been vigorous and he believes I need to back off the PT for 2 weeks to let the inflammation settle and heal. I'm continuing my stationary biking and some of the stretching and strengthening exercises. Staying away from over bending and aggravating the knees. Doing a recheck in 2 weeks to see if this helps. Let me know what your Dr suggests. Take care!

Don't be too eager to gack to surgery until you've given time a chaance.