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Sorry that was a type O, I meant to type 3 years

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Hi! I’ve had my spacer in for 9 months now. I had surgery last May and my surgeon and I discussed keeping it in as long as possible. My goal was one full year as I didn’t show signs of infection the first time for about 7 to 8 months. I really wanted to make sure the infection was gone. Luckily labs are good and the leg is looking really good so I’m very pleased about that. They never gave me a definite time frame but they said that some people did really well with their spacers and chose not to have the revision surgery. Kept there spacer in for many years. Unfortunately, I’m having quite a bit of pain with it and I’m still on one crutch. I’m about 40 pounds over weight though so I know that has something to do with it. I’m slowly loosing the pounds and it feels better but I’m still very weak in the leg. Without being able to do physical therapy or strength training I don’t see me getting off of it and this one crutch is getting pretty tiresome. I go back in May for my annual exam and I’ve said surgery for July 30 at the Mayo Clinic but that’s only if the surgeon agrees. I’m not the best surgical candidate as I’ve had way too many already and I’m only 44. Lots of surgeries as a baby/young child and my first hip replacement was at 16.

How are you doing with your spacer? Most people I hear from hate them and want them out as fast as possible. I was thankful I apeare to be doing reasonably well but keeping it in for many years just doesn’t seem fun for me. Haha 🙂

You're a champ. I've had mine in 9 weeks and can barely move. What are your days like? Do you work?