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Thanks, @gingerw, for alerting us all to National Pie Day! I didn't know to celebrate on the 14th but am making up for lost time now.

After challenging myself for days? weeks? to thoroughly clean inside of refrigerator before making another grocery visit, Friday, I made myself do the outrageous clean out. I was out of milk, bread and veggies so Saturday, I took self to early morning shopping.

In addition to the "necessaries", I managed to come home with frozen drumsticks, Klondike mint patties, and not one but two pies: Dutch apple pie and Key Lime….not saying they are my ultimate favorites because pecan, turtle, chocolate and coconut rank high as well, but oh, my goodness, what is not to like about any dessert pie????

When moving back to TX from MN, I made a lasting friendship with our Lutheran pastor and wife by serving them rhubarb pie on their first visit. Until those 2 yrs in Duluth, I'd never seen or tasted rhubarb. It is rare to find it available in our locale.

As for "healthy" pies, chicken pot pie, shepperd's and homemade chili/frito pies are pretty standard choices at my house.

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My cousin in Plano says rhubarb is occasionally available in the frozen foods section at Trader Joes. We found it in an HEB superstore in the Valley once too.

@fiesty My feelings are hurt. What about my almond pie? Snicker, snicker.