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@gingerw My specialty was making pecan pies for Christmas dinner. My husband loved mincemeat pie.
One year, when my family was grown up, it was my job to make 3 pecan pies to bring to my eldest son and daughter-in-law's family Christmas dinner. I bought all the ingredients for the pies and was so proud when they turned out beautifully, brought them to the dinner, with the whole family waiting in anticipation when it came time to dessert time. To my great embarrassment, people were having a very hard time chewing their first bite.
Turned out I had bought PECANS by mistake! You all know how hard they are to bite down on! Oh, Granny. Nobody asks me to bring anything to our dinners anymore.

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@artist01 I'm confused???
You bought pecans for pecan pies. Is that what you meant to say?
Well at least you got out of bringing stuff to the dinners that’s one way to do it.

I’m confused….you bought pecans to make pecan pie by mistake? Were the shells on? Pecans are not hard…at least the ones I have. Are there different types?

FL Mary

Edit, Edit, Edit! I bought ALMONDS for my pecan pie!

@artist01, I am the only one in my clan who likes mincemeat. Later wondered if it is the rum? that is added??? Smiles
Like you, pecan pies are my most favorite and the one most requested by family.

At my daughter's one holiday, she'd bought some pecans at her grocers for my "special" pie. They were hard as rocks, tiny and almost bitter! From that experience, wherever she's lived, I annually send her fresh pecans bought from my area.

While our state is a big pecan producer, I have to rely on "store bought" walnuts and wonder if they too are far different from locally harvested fresh???