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It's National Pie Day!! 3/14 for 3.14159. Succinctly, pi—which is written as the Greek letter for p, or π—is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.

For sake of argument, what is your favorite healthy pie, but all comers are acceptable, today. As for me, my mother's homemade tamale. For the desert side, strawberry rhubarb.

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Healthy pie? Are you kidding? Who in their right mind ever thinks of healthy pie?
I thought and thought and thought and thought about what my favorite healthy pie and I suppose it would have to be shepherds pie since that’s the only somewhat healthy pie that I can think of. Although I don’t imagine the crust is very healthy.
If you grow your own rhubarb and want it for a pie grow it in the dark, I was just reading about that. I don’t know if that’s the kind they sell in stores or not
i’ll be fine whoever would’ve imagined such a thing. I only thought of it because my mom made it. They really should change the name from pie though. I’m hungry for a Keylime pie right now But I’ll try to control myself and not get one.
Take care,

@gingerw My specialty was making pecan pies for Christmas dinner. My husband loved mincemeat pie.
One year, when my family was grown up, it was my job to make 3 pecan pies to bring to my eldest son and daughter-in-law's family Christmas dinner. I bought all the ingredients for the pies and was so proud when they turned out beautifully, brought them to the dinner, with the whole family waiting in anticipation when it came time to dessert time. To my great embarrassment, people were having a very hard time chewing their first bite.
Turned out I had bought PECANS by mistake! You all know how hard they are to bite down on! Oh, Granny. Nobody asks me to bring anything to our dinners anymore.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! The best pie in the universe. Haven’t tasted the real deal since I last went to Long Island. There was a small pie store out on the east end that had lines out the door for only a few different varieties. They were gigantic pies that steadily increased in price over the years as did the size of the shop. Had to be in that line before they opened on the weekend. And I love tamales too. What a good dinner that would be. My mom used to cook rhubarb. I remember such a large batch would make so little. Sigh.

FL Mary

Thanks, @gingerw, for alerting us all to National Pie Day! I didn't know to celebrate on the 14th but am making up for lost time now.

After challenging myself for days? weeks? to thoroughly clean inside of refrigerator before making another grocery visit, Friday, I made myself do the outrageous clean out. I was out of milk, bread and veggies so Saturday, I took self to early morning shopping.

In addition to the "necessaries", I managed to come home with frozen drumsticks, Klondike mint patties, and not one but two pies: Dutch apple pie and Key Lime….not saying they are my ultimate favorites because pecan, turtle, chocolate and coconut rank high as well, but oh, my goodness, what is not to like about any dessert pie????

When moving back to TX from MN, I made a lasting friendship with our Lutheran pastor and wife by serving them rhubarb pie on their first visit. Until those 2 yrs in Duluth, I'd never seen or tasted rhubarb. It is rare to find it available in our locale.

As for "healthy" pies, chicken pot pie, shepperd's and homemade chili/frito pies are pretty standard choices at my house.

@gingerw There's such a thing as "healthy pie"? If it involves pie crust, it is not healthy. I do love turkey pies from a turkey farm that makes great ones, with or without vegetables, but I haven't had one for years because they really are not very healthy.

For dessert pies? I love key lime, and as someone else has mentioned, I loved mince pie when I was young but haven't had that in many years. My parents always bought them for weekend desserts in the fall. We used to go to an incredible bakery. When the owners retired they closed the place rather than sell it because they didn't want to risk their name being associated with an inferior bakery if a new owner was not as good as they were. My father and I would go there every Saturday and buy homemade baked beans, their bread, and a dessert for Sunday dinner. I can still imagine the taste of that bread.