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@jakedduck1 I am drooling thinking of ice cream with caramel sauce and marshmallow sauce — I wouldn't object to fudge sauce either but when I was a migraine sufferer chocolate was one of my triggers so I turned to butterscotch. When we were children and went to Boston to shop my mother would treat us to an ice cream shoppe there that made wonderful sundaes. They were served in silver bowls on silver trays to catch the sauce and the marshmallow run-over. Those were the days, I have such fond memories of them. Of course we always wore our little white gloves when we went to Boston too!

Now it seems so I am on a perpetual diet, especially now to lose my pandemic pounds. I still love ice cream but am lactose intolerant now. Sure, there are lactose-free ice creams, but how good could they be? Would they really be worth the calories?

@fiesty76 When I remember, I sometimes bring salad dressing to restaurants. They sell little containers just for that! You can also do plain old vinegar and oil too of course. I always check the nutrition labels on food for sodium and sugar. There are some good salad dressings that have low sodium. Whole Foods make some and so does Litehouse. Braswell's has low salt in a couple of their dressings but the sugar content is high.

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@contentandwell, Yes, I do sometimes use vinegar and olive oil if I'm wanting a splurge of dressing but honestly, it is a self-discipline feather in my cap to forego most dressings and honestly, I've grown used to doing without. My favorite is Caesar salad and that just "has to have" the real dressing. vbg