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You will be happy to know I am having a T Bone tonight with my famous Tuscon Kale salad and a Baked Potato.
There will be enough for 2 meals. My son in law can be compulsive and he likes doing laundry and all around him in good order. Have at it as my daughter says. He is dangerous to send food shopping though, even for a few items, we often have to give him pictures with explicit instructions. My son, who is a supreme cook, loves to cook and slice and dice and also loves to shop in food stores, I enjoy going with him as we go from store to store and different ethnic markets. My daughter in law just shakes her head. He could fill a trailer with his spices and seasonings. My daughter is the same way and, since she is keeping my family healthy and well fed, they are a good couple .
One of the best things my son in law makes is smoked bourbon old fashions. He will even zest an orange peel for that.

I can’t wait for dinner. The only seasoning I use is Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper for the steak.

You’re talking to me about eating normally after all that candy you devoured?
Binging is okay once in a blue moon but you know that. All that sweetness made you endorphins surge …that’s why you were so happy.

You take care too and enjoy time with your cooking friend.

FL Mary

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Your son sounds like a gourmet cook compared to me. If you asked me to make you a smoked old fashion I’d probably stick it in an old fashion glass and stick it in the oven until it smoked. Sorry about the orange zest but I don’t have the zest to zest an orange, whatever that is. A normal dinner at last and it sounds good too. Wish I was there to enjoy the other half. Not half of the old fashion though. I’ll let you savor all of that.
What could possibly be more normal than candy, ask any kid. I think everybody if they answered honestly will say that candy was as normal as it gets or at least one of the five best food groups, Candy, cookies, cakes, pies & pastries. That has to be as normal as normal can be.
I will enjoy time with my cooking friend that’s for sure as long as it’s not anywhere near the kitchen. Well I guess I better go get some cashew chicken that I slaved over last night, what a horrible awful experience that was. First time I used my new stove. Talk about a stupid thing to buy and a total waste of money. First time I used the stove in at least two months and I hope it at least twice that long before I use it again. I planned on just having some nuts for dinner and I had some but I was still hungry so foolishly I went in and fixed something. Next time I’ll go to bed hungry. I need to have my head examined or move in with you and then you would need your head examined.