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I don’t even need to melt chocolate for ice cream. Chocolate already comes ready to just Pour on. But I prefer caramel sauce and Marshmallow on my ice cream. Besides I just crumble up a candy bar on top of it all and get my chocolate that way and then some whip cream in a few cherries and it’s good to go. How I miss the old days when I used to do that. I’m not allowed to have any of the good stuff anymore, although I do occasionally cheat and the only ice cream I ever have is an ice cream bar that is so tiny you almost need an electron microscope to see it. But having ice cream at all is a very very rare treat. I did go a little overboard yesterday on a freak candy binge, white chocolate M&M’s, Reese’s, Milky Way, Carmel’s, a payday and a small bag of gummy bears along with a couple cookies. Obviously I was much happier yesterday than today. A few days ago I told my friend for my next birthday party the only food allowed would be from one of the five food groups, Cakes, cookies, pies, candy & pastry.
Mary, your son-in-law sounds more like a slave. He does the laundry too? Another chore I resent. He & I should send it out. Maybe I should become a nudist. The rice story made laugh! Even I can make rice, maybe not always successfully but I eat it anyway. Just don’t ever make brown Spanish rice. My mom tried it. I threw rice pan and all away. It was horrible, probably worse than any concoction you ever created. You come up with some dillies too.
Take care of yourself now and try to start to eat a little more normally,

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You will be happy to know I am having a T Bone tonight with my famous Tuscon Kale salad and a Baked Potato.
There will be enough for 2 meals. My son in law can be compulsive and he likes doing laundry and all around him in good order. Have at it as my daughter says. He is dangerous to send food shopping though, even for a few items, we often have to give him pictures with explicit instructions. My son, who is a supreme cook, loves to cook and slice and dice and also loves to shop in food stores, I enjoy going with him as we go from store to store and different ethnic markets. My daughter in law just shakes her head. He could fill a trailer with his spices and seasonings. My daughter is the same way and, since she is keeping my family healthy and well fed, they are a good couple .
One of the best things my son in law makes is smoked bourbon old fashions. He will even zest an orange peel for that.

I can’t wait for dinner. The only seasoning I use is Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper for the steak.

You’re talking to me about eating normally after all that candy you devoured?
Binging is okay once in a blue moon but you know that. All that sweetness made you endorphins surge …that’s why you were so happy.

You take care too and enjoy time with your cooking friend.

FL Mary

@jakedduck1 I am drooling thinking of ice cream with caramel sauce and marshmallow sauce — I wouldn't object to fudge sauce either but when I was a migraine sufferer chocolate was one of my triggers so I turned to butterscotch. When we were children and went to Boston to shop my mother would treat us to an ice cream shoppe there that made wonderful sundaes. They were served in silver bowls on silver trays to catch the sauce and the marshmallow run-over. Those were the days, I have such fond memories of them. Of course we always wore our little white gloves when we went to Boston too!

Now it seems so I am on a perpetual diet, especially now to lose my pandemic pounds. I still love ice cream but am lactose intolerant now. Sure, there are lactose-free ice creams, but how good could they be? Would they really be worth the calories?

@fiesty76 When I remember, I sometimes bring salad dressing to restaurants. They sell little containers just for that! You can also do plain old vinegar and oil too of course. I always check the nutrition labels on food for sodium and sugar. There are some good salad dressings that have low sodium. Whole Foods make some and so does Litehouse. Braswell's has low salt in a couple of their dressings but the sugar content is high.

@jakedduck1 Love your birthday idea and I agree for I always have a sweet tooth!