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Thanks Merry but prepared foods not allowed either. I’d like to go out for a glorious steak dinner with a monster baked potato with globs of butter, sour cream, chives and cheese also some asparagus smothered in cheese sauce and a Dr Pepper. Then stop by the cheesecake kitchen for dessert. It’s been over a year since I’ve gone out for a decent meal. After all it is my birthday. But my doctor would squawk big time. Oh well, the fantasy was nice while it lasted.

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Jake, have you ever tried foil packet meals?
When I was a kid in scouts, we used to wrap a peice of meat, some veggies, and seasoning in a peice of aluminum foil and cook it over an open fire. These are easily adapted to oven cooking. You can use any combination of meat and vegetables that you like.
Be careful when opening foil as steam will have formed inside and can burn you."
An added benefit is that there is no pan to scrub afterwards😉

Happy Birthday, Jake.
Are you from a tradition of big birthday celebrations, or from a lower key kind of tradition? I remember that on our birthdays were able to choose what we wanted for dinner on our day.
With your limited food options, can you eat apples? I have a suggestion to go along with the foil meal – try a baked apple (in its own foil packet) Peel, core or slice to your specifications. sprinkle with cinnamon, and optional honey or brown sugar. Wrap and bake. Yum!

@jakedduck1 I'm sorry you are so limited in your food supply can you tell us what kind of food you can eat then maybe we will have a clearer picture as to what we may suggest

@jakedduck1 Jake, your dream dinner sounds good to me. Can you have steak? We generally have beef once a week. I rarely eat starches, so baked potatoes are a Godsend to prepare for my husband, either that or a yummy roll.

I hope you have a great birthday, and that you have something to eat that you do enjoy. Does your doctor allow a very occasional splurge, if the splurge is not too bad? A small steak with a plain baked potato doesn't sound too bad to me. Forget the sour cream, the cheesecake, and all though. I can't remember the last time I had cheesecake.
My husband is in incredible health and eats whaever he wants. It's tough preparing dinner for him when I can't eat many of the things that he eats. He is reasonably trim, takes no medications and goes to the gym about 3 days a week. He's 83 so that's pretty darned good. Most people think he's in his late 60s, early 70s. He has great genes. I do not.

@jakedduck don't know if this info will be old stuff to you and others that are suffering trying to eat food that tastes good and easy to prepare. It took me a long time but with the help of the internet but know that changing what we eat and how has to be a permanent change. First the grocery store has pre cut fruits and vegtables vegan version of mayo – Vegenaise !ow sodium and low fat. In freezer compartment are chopped versions of many veggies no sodium my newest discovery was plain cauliflower rice. Now I make my own. Online on the search bar enter "all recipes " this enormous website asks what are you looking for enter what you want to make or research. Online or on TV there are multiple cooking shows entire what type and press enter. Since my food issues jump around by issues I started with Vegan recipes to get a base of understanding. I do eat chicken and salmon but wasn't raised with a healthy variety. Also the key to me besides easy is very few ingredients usually 3 – 5 covers it. Of course you know that pasta comes in whole wheat lentil chickpea pea protein greens. etc and ancient grains are highest in protein quinoa farro couscous. And monk fruit is a natural sweetener. I recently made vegan .mac 'n cheese honestly and am going to make seiten soon. Start slow it's doable just takes patience.