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Good idea ! With everything going on and for me my taste changed so I am not enjoying good . I get nauseous everyday and I know if I don’t put something in I won’t be able to take my meds . So I work on not losing weight and if I am not getting much , that it is healthy and easy . The only foods that seem to taste like they should is fruit . So when I eat it’s for what I need . Could use some reminders of easy and getting nutrients I need .

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During my cancer treatment, and since it finished 3 months ago, a cookbook called ‘Cancer-Fighting Kitchen’ by Rebecca Katz became, and still is, my go-to food bible. It contains nourishing, tasty recipes, including recipes for various side-effects of treatment. I particularly found the magic mineral broth (both the veggie & chicken versions) and the anti-nauseau cinammon drink to be life-savers during my chemo and subsequent treatment. RK also has a website, rebeccakatz.com.

@cancersucks Watermelon is full of nutrients who know?

My husband is three months past his last chemo and radiation treatment and he STILL can't stand the taste of any food. In fact,, it's gotten worse in the last three weeks! I'm at the end of my rope. I've tried every suggestion under the sun and can barely get anything into him. He drinks three Boost 20 gr protein drinks per day. I might have to push him up to four of them daily. They told us his taste would be messed up for about a month after treatment stopped. It's been three months and it's worse!