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What I like I can’t have. I’ve been eating salad the last couple days but thankfully it’s gone. I like meat and potatoes like beef, pork, poultry, lamb chops, lasagna (not much cheese allowed and nothing canned packaged or frozen) and beans, lentils, stuffed bell peppers. It’s stressful just thinking about cooking, I can’t even think of all the things I like. I’m supposed to eat lots of yucky fresh veggies. If I get the courage I’d like to stuff a green red yellow orange white & blue bell pepper but that would be quite an intense project. Ya know, life’s funny, back in the day when I had a feeding tube which I hated from what I’m told, I liked to cook, now I might really like it. I’ll probably have a tuna sandwich for dinner, oh wow I’m so excited!!! Some Fritos would be good but not allowed. Basically I’m suppose to eat what I consider garbage. Anything I’m allowed usually has to be cooked so you know where that leaves me. Been having cereal dry since I ran out of milk. Oh the agony of it all.

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@jakedduck1 Jake, you may have said before what causes your food restrictions, but if you did I forget. Do you mind telling that?
Vegetables take on a whole better taste when you roast them. Last night we had baked haddock for dinner and I made roasted Brussels sprouts and parsnips for dinner. Even my husband enjoyed it, and it was easy. Just trim the outer leaves from the sprouts and cut them in half or quarters depending on their size, peel and cut the parsnips, toss in a bit of EVOO, and roast. Yum. Brussels Sprouts got a bad name when people just boiled them. My kids both love them.

@JAke- go out and buy prepared meals form your grocery store. You will make yourself sick and wind up in trouble if you don't eat a balanced diet.

Leonard, Costco has ready made stuffed peppers and they are really good.