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I can gag it down but it’s hardly a meal or a favorite.
I wonder if they have berries all ready to just dump in without added sugar or sodium.

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@jakedduck1 I like blueberries to eat as a snack right like they are any berries just pop them in your mouth

@jakedduck1 I buy fresh berries, generally either blueberries or strawberries and wash them -- no sugar or sodium. They keep much longer without getting mold on them if you give them a white vinegar bath -- vinegar and water -- and then rinse them well. The vinegar kills any spores that might be on them. You can use frozen berries too but I would take the amount you want out of the freezer the night before to thaw so they aren't overly cold. When you add the berries and some granola -- check the carbs of the granola -- it really does taste good. I always buy granolas that have fewer than 20 gm of carbs per serving. Depending on the brand a serving is usually either a 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup. Some of them are much, much higher than that.

It just takes time to get used to a different type of breakfast, but well worth it because you'll feel so much better! Try getting frozen berries of all kinds at the grocery store, but be sure to wash them well. Then, throw them into a baggies and put back into the freezer. A light amount of agave is good if you can't live without sugar. Raspberries are loaded with fiber. Enjoy!

You can purchase frozen berries with no extra sugar added in the frozen food section at most all grocery stores including Walmart.