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Who’s got a great recipe that takes 5 minutes, doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, little clean up, can’t be fried, I’m getting tired of cereal and sandwiches any ideas???
Thanks in advance,

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@jakedduck1 Do you like yogurt? I start with non-fat Greek yogurt (Chobani is good), add some low carb granola, and some fresh fruit — preferably berries — and there you have it! It's delish. I seem to have developed a lactose intolerance so I am now using a lactose-free yogurt that I can purchase at Whole Foods but it is low-fat, not non-fat, and it does not have the protein that is in Greek yogurt.

Here’s a great 5 min high protein low carb snack that I hope you will enjoy! I love blueberries and so does my kids. This is simple enough that my 8 year old enjoys making it.
Enjoy 😉

Hi Jake,
Most good things don’t take 5 minutes unless you go to a Whole Foods type of store and pick up healthy frozen meals for one. May I suggest you take the time to prep some veggies or buy them already cut up. I toss any veggie I have including red potatoes and toss with a good olive oil , salt and pepper and throw them in the oven at 400 degrees. Have also thrown in grapes. Takes a half hour or more depending on how many you have. I like to add chicken sausage with it and add some kale about the last 5 minutes. Veggies are all nice and browned and carmelized. Line the pan , make a lot to reheat in microwave, minimal clean up. You can add some of those veggies to eggs for an omelet. Or spread on a Naan and cover with a little cheese under the broiler.

Stuff an avacado with canned salmon or tuna. Buy pre made soups and pre made salads if you don’t like to cook. Add some noodles and frozen veggies to chicken or beef broth…that’s 5 minutes. Avoid processed meats on white bread if you can.

For those of you who do cook, a great snack is to toss a can of chick peas or garbanzo peas with olive oil and seasoning into the oven until they just start to turn brown, around 400….. So nutty and yummy warm or cold. Popcorn is a good snack…I use the jarred kind and pop it with coconut or avacado oil which don’t burn.

Can’t go wrong with olive oil…and yeah I love to cook but also pick up healthy frozen meals …always reading the labels….

Frozen tortellini
Swanson’s chicken broth
Frozen peas
Boil water and tortellini
When almost cooked, drain add broth to tortellini. Heat and cook tortellini then add frozen peas. Heat and serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

Hey Leonard, as I said to Debb 1400 posts will take a long time to read thru, but back to your question: I think the hardest part is the 5 minute part because even most of the “ ready to eat “ meals need more than 5 mins to cook. An exception is the veggie burgers that most stores carry in a variety of versions. Most of them are 1:30 on one side then 1 min on the other side. But you then need to fix it on a bun which takes a few mins
BJ’s has a quinoa burger that is bigger than Morning star or similar brands. They come 8 to a package and I cook 4 at a time because I discovered a way to prepare a few of the ones not eaten ( often 3 ) and I prepare them in different ways after the first cooking. One version has it cooked crispy; from there the possibilities are limitless. One choice is eating it cold broken off into chunks and dipped in some of my secret sauces I’m embarrassed to admit that one night my secret sauce was so good I bit my finger while scoffing. I can easily make people fat
I treat food as art
Now I have to worry about the small bowel obstruction

Try recipes from Forks over Knives on YouTube.

Jake, a great breakfast idea if you like eggs is to combine eggs, veggies of your liking such as green or red peppers, Idaho potato or sweet potato, onion, mushrooms, add milk, salt and pepper to taste and maybe some shredded cheese. Combine together and pour into a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees long enough for the eggs to set. Remove, allow to cool, cut into portion sized squares and place in refrigerator to be easily used each morning to dish out, warm in microwave for 40 seconds or so for a quick easy breakfast for the work week. This is something you can do on Sunday for your week ahead.

Leonard, I keep a bag of frozen shelled Edamame in the freezer. For a tasty, quick, nutrition powerhouse combine some of the beans with some frozen whole kernel corn and microwave until the beans are tender enuf to eat. Now add an unmeasured quantity of out-of-a-bottle roasted red bell pepper. Zap again just enuf to warm the pepper. That’s it. I dust mine with a bit of ground Cumin; not so for my wife.

So often this is the answer to “what the devil am I gonna fix for lunch. Any fats are naturally occurring. It’s a riot of carbs, but not a simple one in sight so eat ‘em till the cows come home with no damage to your waistline. And Leonard, can you believe it? There’s no charge for all this info.

Eat like your life depends on it, Don

Here's a recipe for Sopa (soup) as comfort food when I'm not feeling well. Children also enjoy this soup. In a pot heat Olive oil and chopped red onion and zucchini fry a little then fry some fideo noodles in oil to toast them a little ( you might have to add a little more Olive oil) season with Lawry's season salt and parsley stir then add carton of chicken broth and simmer until noodles are soft. You can try with other seasonings like bay leaf and garlic powder. Experiment and enjoy.


I am responding to your original post but am not giving you a recipe. Hope all is well with you. I was reminded of you when I was in our Publix supermarket last week. It seems they even have more pre cut veggies and fruit than ever before. Diced, sliced, chopped, spiralized etc. …small bags of broccoli, cauliflower , carrots , other veggies which are great for one person. I like spaghetti squash but, if I don’t want a whole one, they have a half one with all the stuff scooped out. Even their Deli department offers cooked sliced chicken, beef stew (which I had once and is good), any kind of chicken, soups, salads, hard boiled eggs, quiches, meatballs, meatloaf, pot pies , stuffed cabbage. The prices are not bad on a lot of the items. You can literally shop and not have to prep anything or pick up any entree to heat up.
When Covid is over, you should pack up and move here….you would cry for joy when you go shopping . You can’t beat the precut food. I often buy a small bag of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to roast whenI don’t want to buy the heads. I watch the sales. They have small salad bowls 3 for $10 quite often.
On the cooked food you have to watch the ingredients .

Stay healthy and eat well

FL Mary