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Hi Fifi! I find that many people, especially Americans rush to take drugs; maybe because with insurance, they are covered. And Big Pharma is mostly American and advertising on TV is relentless convincing people that they are in danger without drugs and their lives will be so much better if they take them. These strong arm, fear mongering ads are ridiculous, dangerous and unethical! Drugs are not the miracle solution by any stretch of the imagination. There are serious SIDE EFFECTS that Big Pharma tries to minimize.
When at all possible, which is not always the case, go the natural lifestyle modification/Prevention route. I had the most serious atrial fibrillation my cardiologist had ever seen. He put me on the maximum dose of beta blockers which made me feel 90 years old. My quality of life was not good. I did research and read that exercise (pushing the heart) could put it back into rhythm. After almost 2 years of misery on the beta blockers, I joined a gym and went every day except Sunday. I did 30 minutes of cardio and then stretches and weights for 65 minutes every day. Inside one month I was off ALL beta blockers. No drugs at all! My cardiologist was incredulous and told me that the Afib would return. He gave me good advice however and that was to keep away from all stimulants such as dental anaesthetics (I use a special one), decongestants for colds, chocolate, coffee, tea and alcohol and even excess sugar which gave me palpitations. I have been 98% adherent. The arrhythmia very rarely threatens with a few odd blips but I then get out and push myself with a vigorous walk. 24 years have passed now. I am 70 years old (today!) and don't want to ever be on beta blockers again.
For every malady I have always tried to go the lifestyle route first and foremost rather than opting immediately for the drug route. Keep in mind, American doctors have to cover their behinds. If they don't recommend a drug and 'something goes wrong', they can be sued for not having gone the drug route immediately. In Canada, some doctors who are responsible, will recommend lifestyle changes and a wait and see approach (for high BP losing weight, lowering salt intake, getting exercise). We are not litigious here in Canada. Suing a doctor even for wrongful death due to negligence doesn't result in much compensation. So doctors are willing to consider alternative therapies and taking a natural approach.
It is so important to do your own research and use common sense and to take responsibility for your own health. Good luck, Fifi!

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Thanks, I really need to get back into my old workout, running and weights.
I just took my blood pressure and it is 137/95 and 73 pulse. I guess that is a bit high,
so I better push myself to exercise. I'll get it done today, thanks.
I used to have low blood pressure, this is shocking to me.