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Functional Neurological Disorder

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@jenniferhunter — Hi Jennifer; I am very sorry to know you had such terrible experiences. It is not something anyone should have to go through, even once, let alone 5 times in 2 years!! I am so happy to know you found a very different atmosphere at Mayo. The acceptance, reassurance, and help you found at Mayo are basic expectations all of us have and should find in a doctor and his/her medical staff in any medical facility. How are you doing now? Did you have surgery? A big hug!

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@danielad Hi Dee. A big hug for you too, Dee! Yes I had surgery at Mayo 2 years ago and it changed my life. I had spinal cord compression and was loosing the ability to control my arms. I wish I had come to Mayo first, and now I refer patients to my surgeon there. I was very impressed with my care, and now will not go anywhere else. Those 2 years were the hardest in my life because I was also taking care of both my disabled parents, and my dad was in end stage heart failure and passed away, and I was in pain and fearful of my future. I had more time to spend with my dad because I wasn't having surgery because I couldn't get an offer, but a couple weeks after my dad's services, I was called for appointments at Mayo. I am still working on rebuilding muscle that I lost, but here is my story. You'll also find a lot more in the Art for Healing Discussion in the Just Want to Talk Group.
https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/art-for-healing/ (pictures on page 1)