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Just diagnosed....continue testing for causes

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Hi @robge Well welcome to the site. My story pretty much mirrors yours. I am 69 years old. I was diagnosed with neuropothy 10 years go. I had some numbness in my feet. I have never had pain. The numbness was equal in both feet. The neuropothy progressed slowly over the years and moved slowly up my lower legs to my knees. Up until 10 months ago I was very active. I live in a ski town where I skied, biked & hiked almost every day when possible. In the last 10 months the numbness has progresses 100 %, both my feet have dropped, my balance is awful, The neuropothy has progressed into my hands, I have lost muscle strength in my legs and teh left side of my back, I need a cain to walk. It has been a difficult 10 months. I have tried acupuncture, pilates, yoga, Physical therapy, egoscue. These all help my mental health but nothing seems to help the numbness or my dropped feet. I have cut way down on sugar and gluten in diet. Again, not much help. I had a decompression procedure (laminectomy). Did not help. My doctors tell me there is nothing that will help my condition including diet. This is all very discouraging but I try to be positive. Its all you can do. If anyone has suggestions I am all ears.
Thats my story.

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Thanks for your reply @ericvnelson. There are a lot of similarities in our cases. I am 53 and although I was just diagnosed, I have been experiencing numbness and loss of feeling in my feet for about 10 years. The numbness has progressed to my knee on my left side and my ankle on the right. Recently, I have also begun noticing numbness in my fingertips and also that the areas affected by the neuropathy are cold – severely cold and they take hours to warm up. I have also had balance issues for years, but it has gotten much worse lately. I am not as active as you, but have done yoga off and on for years and am currently working. My neurologist also suggested that I try Tai Chi and swimming. Online, I began reading about acupuncture for PN, but it seems to be mainly for the pain and I am not experiencing pain. I have also read about deleting glutens and refined sugar from your diet, but have not begun doing that. My neurologist told me that there was no treatment and told me the only thing I could do was live a healthy lifestyle – eat right, eliminate alcohol, don't smoke, exercise, and eat right. I hope you continue to be positive. For me, meditation and mindfulness help me with the positivity and the stress in my life. Agree that it is difficult to remain positive. Wish that there were more that could be done for all of us. I have not heard of egoscue, but googled it and will read up on that.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and share your story with me. Hoping you find some suggestions that are helpful.