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Hi Helen,
I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. I do experience the same but mine is due to my Nissen Fundoplication (wrap) for Gerd. Because of my wrap, I do get a lot of bloating and distention. What I have done to alleviate some of the discomfort is to remove gaseous foods from my diet and high sugar content like in sweets. I had a food allergy test that did reveal some foods that were adding to my problem so I removed them. I did some research on the web for herbal remedies that remove gas. I found that DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) helps to remove gas. I began taking it and it has reduced the gases in my colon and bloating in my stomach. For my situation, I don't believe that Gerd was my main issue, but at that time in the 90's it was the remedy for anything that looked like Gerd. I am getting my wrap reversed next week and pray that this is the end of the road for this problem. May the Lord bless you and give you guidance. Have a blessed day.

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I have the same problem with gas, bloating and distention and have tried numerous things with no success. I hope that trying the DGL works for you. I am going to try it as well. Blessings on both of you.

Hello @faithful55
I’m sorry to hear your having these problems. I’ve slso started a chat “exhausted with digestive issues”. I’ve had many surgeries and issues. Lots of SBO due to scar tissue. This last one has myself and my doctors stumped. I have been severely bloated and my stomach is bruising (didn’t know that was a thing) nothing is working. I’ve started Physical Therapy for PFD and massage to get my insides moving to help with the bloating. I’ve had all the laxatives, I barely eat, constantly in pain and uncomfortable. Have you ever thought of acupuncture Or anything like that? I have tests the rest of this month and then I’m looking for “ alternative healing methods” I’m willing to try anything and it can’t hurt. I’ll let you know if the acupuncture helps at all. It’s one thing walking around with a big belly when I was pregnant, now it’s just wrong and painful.
Good luck to you 😊

Wow! Finally someone who has the same issues! I had my hiatal hernia surgery with Nissen Funoplication in July. A third of my stomach was in my chest. While those symptoms disappeared, I am now so constipated.Miralax wasn't working. Dr, prescribed Lactulose. Even at 4x a day, it isn't working. I git horribly bloated and so gaseous, my hubby won't sit in the same room. I am taking ducolax about 2x a week to clean out my bowels. How did you get your dr. to agree to reverse the Nissen Fundoplication? Does insurance pay for it?

Good luck with your procedure, sounds like it has been a really long road.
Thanks for mentioning your licorice remedy, I will have to try it with my belching disorder ( separate GI thread).