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@heatherfeather9 Hello and we're glad you are here on Connect. I understand what it is to deal with someone who basically ignores everything that will help. Your husband is like many of us who are told we have a disease, and we don't want to deal with it. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 almost three years ago, I was so angry and determined not to try to help myself. After talking with an endocrinologist and after staying in contact with people on Mayo Connect, I gradually accepted the fact that I had choices. I could ignore what I should do to stay alive or let Diabetes 2 kill me.
Diabetes is a dangerous disease (as most are) because it can touch every organ in the body. Can you make a deal with your husband to try for one month the right foods, have him see his dr. for ED, and exercise just fifteen minutes a day. By taking little steps, he will begin to feel better and see for himself that the changes are what he needs. The right foods always help along with exercise. What he eats is dependent on what works for him. Diabetes is a disease that is different for everyone. What does his doctor tell him? Are you able to adjust your meal preparation to what he needs? Have you seen a dietician? These specialists can help plan a menu of foods he likes.Can you talk to him and convince him to get some answers from people who know? Don't let your husband destroy himself; he can live a full, productive life if he follows the rules. Can you get him to start with your family doctor or whoever prescribed the insulin? I hope you both can get an appointment to talk with the doctor. Let me know how you are doing.

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@heatherfeather9 Good morning. I see that it has been almost a week that you posted about your husband. I thought I would just check in to see how he is doing. Did he decide to try to deal with his diabetes? I hope he made the choice to feel better, even though he has diabetes. Do you have any questions about something else you can try? I hope you can get him to try to change his thinking so that he will feel better.