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Burning after total knee replacement

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I am 12 weeks out have 133 flex and 1degee extension and was doing great. I played gold st week 11 and developed patellar tendinitis I was worried it was infected or dislocated as the pain was worse than after surgery. Saw the surgeon had exray and bloodwork all normal. Said it works take 4 weeks to improve got a brace and had to “ lay-off “ certain exercises. The burning is intense when I try to put weight on the leg and when I extend to do quad sets. If no improvement in 4 weeks will explore if it is a nerve problem under the kneecap. Very depressed as the recovery was so good. I am 69 and was hoping to be back in my horses…

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@equus111 Setbacks can be so discouraging, but it sounds as if yours won’t last too long. Don’t be depressed, if you were doing well before, this is more than likely just a blip in your recovery.

@nancyrita13 As I have mentioned in prior posts I had really intense pain until about 6 or 7 weeks post-surgery. It was so severe that it brought tears to my eyes, but it suddenly went away, almost miraculously, and it was smooth sailing from that point on. I don’t recall if it was burning pain or not, just that it was intense, so hopefully yours too will get better almost overnight as mine did. During that time my surgeon was seeing me almost weekly and he did X-rays but nothing showed. We still have no idea what the cause of the pain was!

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