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Burning after total knee replacement

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My injury was covered by workers comp and 5 years after my injury date they canceled my case after seeing a physiatrist for 15 minutes. I had to get a lawyer to reopen my case and since the TKR the dr's that I have seen say they wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole. They don't make as much money since they only get what WC will pay, but they also have to pay my lawyer 20% of every bill. WC insurance have set me up with an appointment at the Mayo clinic, with a wrist doctor, don't know how that would help, and then again with Salt Lake with a doctor that specializes in elbows. I am seeing a pattern here, WC doesn't want to pay out any more and they don't care if I am any better. The only complaint I have with the knee is the constant pain, otherwise I have great travel, it is one of the sport knees, so I can bend it almost as far as my good knee. I tried my tens unit on it a few nights ago, one pad on each side of the knee in the areas of most pain. Ran it for several hours at a setting that was just tolerable, it numbed the pain enough to where I was able to get 7 hours of sleep. It however did not work as well the next night, but I still was able to get 5 hours. I have sought out doctors who do revisions, they all say they won't see me.

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I noticed you mentioned “sport knee”. What exactly did you mean by that, and what is that? I had whatever is standard, off the shelf knee, and I’m around 132 flex, perhaps even more. I’m curious to know more about your specific artificial joint, just in case I need another TKR done down the road. Will avoid that all all costs, though, until I have exhausted alternative treatments!

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