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Burning after total knee replacement

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Hi @calahulabuddy – Welcome to Connect! That must be terribly frustrating to have pain like that for years and years. I've had two knee replacements and thankfully have not had anything like that kind of pain. Here is a link that may be of interest to you:
Meantime, I'm wondering: did you have a TKR 9 years ago? If so, have any of the doctors talked about doing a revision?

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My injury was covered by workers comp and 5 years after my injury date they canceled my case after seeing a physiatrist for 15 minutes. I had to get a lawyer to reopen my case and since the TKR the dr's that I have seen say they wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole. They don't make as much money since they only get what WC will pay, but they also have to pay my lawyer 20% of every bill. WC insurance have set me up with an appointment at the Mayo clinic, with a wrist doctor, don't know how that would help, and then again with Salt Lake with a doctor that specializes in elbows. I am seeing a pattern here, WC doesn't want to pay out any more and they don't care if I am any better. The only complaint I have with the knee is the constant pain, otherwise I have great travel, it is one of the sport knees, so I can bend it almost as far as my good knee. I tried my tens unit on it a few nights ago, one pad on each side of the knee in the areas of most pain. Ran it for several hours at a setting that was just tolerable, it numbed the pain enough to where I was able to get 7 hours of sleep. It however did not work as well the next night, but I still was able to get 5 hours. I have sought out doctors who do revisions, they all say they won't see me.

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