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Burning after total knee replacement

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Jetter, Hi and anyone with burning. I am 9 weeks out and trying to get my quads strong enough to lift my foot off the bed when I contract them and straighten the leg, pressing the knee down to the bed by contracting the quads. When I do that, and when I do a straight leg raise while contracting really hard to keep the leg straight at zero degrees, I get intense burning on the inside of my knee towards the top. The PT's don't know what to say but want me to continue because Ineed to wake up my quads more and get them stronger. Does anyone know anything more about if the burning sensation is a bad sign for damaging the knee or what?

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Hi Irol, I had a spot of burning on the inside of the knee. Both the PT and Dr. Said it was a nerve they sometimes have to move or cut and it would subside, and it has 😁 Maybe your is the same and just nee dd's s a little more time. Wish you the best.

I am 12 weeks out have 133 flex and 1degee extension and was doing great. I played gold st week 11 and developed patellar tendinitis I was worried it was infected or dislocated as the pain was worse than after surgery. Saw the surgeon had exray and bloodwork all normal. Said it works take 4 weeks to improve got a brace and had to “ lay-off “ certain exercises. The burning is intense when I try to put weight on the leg and when I extend to do quad sets. If no improvement in 4 weeks will explore if it is a nerve problem under the kneecap. Very depressed as the recovery was so good. I am 69 and was hoping to be back in my horses…

I am 12 weeks out and same issue. I had no burning until week 10 and doc thinks it is patellar tendinitis from over use. I think it has something to do with the saphenous nerve. The burning is intense and spreads throughout the patella, it has now affected my gait. I have full extension since week 4 and 133 flexion since same . Was able to walk 2 miles each day until this suddenly happened. Blood work and xrays normal . Anyone else have this ???

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