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@gldnrtrvrlvr Boy I had trouble putting in your code name. I have been on Lexapro and feel good on it, but I'm also on Klonopin, and Lamictal. Ask your doctor about those two meds. The Klonopin is for anxiety and the Lamictal is used for seizures, but is also a mood elevator. I hope this helps you. I am also depressive and anxiety. I haven't had any panic attacks for some time. Mental Illness runs in our family.

Well we leave Saturday for Mayo. I have to have a Covid-10 test and blood test for it. It has to be done 48 hours before surgery, that's all for Sunday. But, Monday I have a 7:30 appointment for a chest x-ray and then an EKG. Later I see the surgeon and then later he does an exam. We also will go to a class which will help my husband know how to help me once I get home. I'm starting to get nervous, but yet excited. I'm not scared of the surgery. I think I'm more scared once we get home. My husband works full-time out of our house as Cyber Security for Wells Fargo. He is so busy now it just scares me how he is going to take care of me. He will find out at that meeting.
I hope you start feeling better, I know what it is like. My son has bipolar 1 and has a hard time, but my mom had that too and ended up ending up her life at the age of 69.

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@lilypaws How're you doing? I've read in other parts that your home now. That was quite a surgery. Do they want you up and walking every day? After my fusion, that's what I had to do. My surgery was in 2013. Lately it feels like my screws are poking me and boy does that hurt.

I will talk to my doctor about those meds if I can but you know doctors don't like patients telling them how to do their jobs! Great way to get them grouchy usually or tell you to leave. I understand about the genetic factor of anxiety/depression as both my kids are dealing with depression and anxiety, my father fought depression all his life and committed suicide at 60, my mother fought anxiety and depression. I don't know beyond that. It wasn't talked about. Now they've labeled Gen Z as having both. How is that possible when they've been given everything? Wish they'd grown up like we did where they'd to go outside and play with friends, no TV, social media, phones, etc. to waste away the day with instead of doing something and having chores to do. My kids did have chores and have to play outside but we're still influenced by the technology advances. It was a fight.