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Chemo-induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Breast Cancer

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Helen, I am posting a response here to something you said over on the Shingrix discussion (Neuropathy Group), since this is not about Shingrix but rather about cancer. Over there you said "Hank, in Linda’s case getting chemo post cancer is almost a no-brainer so I would not agree that you could/should have done more research or if you would have chosen differently."

I do beg to differ with you that my wife Linda would have still proceeded with the chemo for her breast cancer even if I had done more online research. In fact after only two of the planned six infusions she did quit chemo, a decision that was based substantially on things I did find out online after she started the chemo. She was not cured or helped even a tiny bit by chemo (and her health was seriously harmed, hence the neuropathy and other consequences). After two further subsequent cancer outbreaks and surgeries, she was finally cured by a supplement I discovered online called Haelan951 which I have mentioned a few times in other posts. Here's one:
She is now, without further medical intervention (chemo, radiation, etc.) cancer free since her last outbreak in Dec. 2015, to the obvious surprise (and I would even say consternation) of her surgeon and oncologist. And all she does is take this product on a daily basis. Best, Hank

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Hank, yes, sorry, I did forget about your earlier post stating those facts, glad the Haelan was successful and Linda is now cancer free. Helen

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