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Liver biopsy

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@adah Good morning! I can tell from your posts that you are worried about your son and his liver fibrosis. The best thing for you and your son right now is not to worry. You’ll make yourself sick! The doctor will watch the lab/blood values for any changes. Your son should focus on helping/improving his liver function. He should focus on a plant-based diet, eat foods like veggies and citrus fruit, nuts, fish, healthy oils, and drink coffee and tea (who knew!) Also avoid over-consumption of food and alcohol. Focus on a good exercise program. I found this info on sites like WebMD, which is a reputable site. I hope everything goes OK for you and your son. Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you so much for your advice, I look for response’s everyday just looking for others who understand our situation.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Adan, in response to your son, I’m in 3rd stage of PBF, over the years I agree with plant base diet, lots of homemade soup and white fish . Watch your fruits tho, some are very acidic and can upset your stomach ., also Liquid vitamins are best , they digest better . I had to stop eating breads, and sodas. If this helps any at all let me know. It’s been 25years for me.

Becky I agree with you soo…..very much ! I have had so many tests over the past 34 yrs now and changing my diet to “plant base” fruits nuts , remove all sauces, sugar has been an absolute answer to a wonder life, even knowing in my third stage and now “markers” are appearing in my Liver and the fact that I’m tired all the time , and have fibromyalgia , I can cope with an high tolerance for pain, i am determined to claim my healing and pray for the doctors over me, and always thank my savior for each breath that I take .
I’m soon will be sixty-six now and I’m looking forward for many years to come. Hang in there all that is in pain and remember that there is so many out there that need all of our encouragement !!!!