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Have MAC and coughing up blood

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 26, 2023 | Replies (33)

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I have bronchiectasis. My the last two weeks I have been coughing up red blood. Not tingles but quarter size pieces. This has happened a few times before but not on a regular basis. I have a call in to Mayo and am waiting to hear back. Has anyone else has this happen to them?

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I have had "liquid" blood come up when having bronchiectasis in the past, sometimes more than a tablespoon at a time, and it just comes out of nowhere and seems to bubble up in my throat. So scary! Doc says I can expect that to happen occasionally. It has been 3 years since it last happened and am praying that it will stay away.First time it happened was about 20 years ago and it was diagnosed as pneumonia. I have been diagnosed as having pneumonia when I go to the ER. since that time and Scans are taken also and once was told that is is consistent with MAC, but allergy/asthma doc disagrees. Have COPD and asthma as well; as seasonal allergies.; I nebulize with Brovana twice daily and follow up with Alvesco inhaler and a rescue inhaler if needed. I exercise daily and try to do breathing exercise. Wishing you good health and a good medical report if you go to Mayo. Baz.

If it is repeating over time and has not been normal for you in the past, I would definitely talk to your doc. Be aware that responses are a little slower coming from some of the docs right now, so you may need to call more than once. Be sure you have taken your temp and written down any other symptoms you may be experiencing as you wait for the call back.

@marciefincher Hi! Marcie. Oddly I had this happen this past week. It was bright red, dime sized....I was thinking that it is just because I have been coughing hard lately to get gunk up. I've only had this happen once before after a bout of pneumonia and was told it was from coughing too much.. I am not concerned at this point but if it continues, might put a call into the Dr. Please let us know what you find out. Thanks. Kate

@marciefincher I have had blood gurgling up in my throat a few times them come out, dr said if 2 teasp ok if 2 tblsp[ get to hospital in ambulance. I have had them when I only had Bronchiectasis no MAI. Horrible feeling.I had 2 tblsp once and diddnt contact my Dr for a few days not knowing it was serious but I was fine. Take care Heather

Hi This is Marcie, Thank you all for replying. I spoke with Jax Mayo and was told to keep a log so I can see how this progresses, and this is, unfortunately apart of Bronchiectasis. Pollen and allergies also can cause the coughing, which causes irritation to my throat. My throat does feel irritiated, so, its a vicious cycle. My husband suggested I spray some Chloraseptic in the back of my throat when a coughing spell comes?

@winnfincher I get allergies also, coughing brings it on for me to.

@marciefincher Hi, I coughed up blood before. It was liquid blood mixed with pieces. It came on very suddenly and I had no other symptoms except coughing and excess mucus due to allergies. I went to the ER because the quantity of blood was substantial. They kept me there overnight (I went in the evening) and the blood kept coming out throughout the night, soaking up a number of paper towels. It subsided by early next morning and completely stopped by midday. It sure was terrifying to see huge amount of blood coming out every time I coughed. I was subsequently diagnosed with bronchiectasis and MAC. That was 5+ years ago and it has not returned since. That was the only time it's happened to me so far.

Marciefincher. I too have experienced haemoptasis (not sure of spelling). I had been coughing quite a bit... hard coughing. It was quite a shock to cough up so much Bright red blood and it was after that that I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis and Mac. I haven’t had an episode since, but have had some blood mixed with mucus at various times. It is my understanding that haemoptasis is one of the symptoms of this Ntm.

I have coughed up blood on several different occasions It doesn't last long. And the intervals are 4-6 months. My specialist suggest getting picture after each incident. jerry s/

@marciefincher I coughed up significant blood about two and a half years ago out of nowhere. Went to urgent care- this led to my diagnosis of bronchiectasis and MAC. Has happened about 4 times since then- nebulizing 7% saline seems to bring it on now, since I have stopped that I have not had any problems. I have been told to go to the ER if it is more than 1/4 cup.