coughing up blood.

Posted by rlrobi2 @rlrobi2, Wed, Feb 6 10:15am

Hello, I am a 50 yr old woman with mac and alpha one. Had it for four years, and have been taking antibodics for 3 yrs. I also have a prolastin c infusion for alpha one. Last week I started coughing up blood… Just wondering if that is normal for MAI

I don't know about "normal", but my pulmonologist says some people seem to be more prone to that. I have coughed up blood several times – diagnosed with bronchiectasis & MAC. You should definitely notify your doc if you haven't. Mine wants to know if it happens, but concerned only when the amount is "large" or it won't stop. He is not concerned with just a couple tablespoons that tapers off. It is still a scary experience for me! But it doesn't necessarily mean your condition is worse. If mine tapers off, my pulmo still wants me to do my airway clearance, huff coughing, and saline.

I have copd, emphysema and ABPA and cough up blood almost every morning. My pulmonologist and infectious disease dr. want to know how much is new blood or old blood. I've also noticed a lot more since starting Itraconazole, a drug to treat the mold ball n my lung. Don't know really why it changed but my dr. weren't too worried about it at this time so I am trying not to be either.

I cough up blood quite often and the doctors don’t seem too concerned about it. I also have blood specks In my mucus when I cough. I started on the big three 3 weeks ago and I seem to cough more. Don’t know if this is normal or not. I see CDC doctor next week. Frustrating.

I have been cough blood for three years on and off. Feb 6 of this year its was scary. My doctor also isn’t to concern or my ER. I’m on levenquin now

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