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Mantle Cell Lymphoma

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Hi, @lottajoy. I wanted to let you know I moved your post to this existing discussion on mantle cell lymphoma to put some of the discussions on this topic in the same place and also so that you could meet @roberthall0452 @harvie. I'd also like to introduce you to @1nan @maxwell123 @travelgirl @lynnkay1956. I trust that they will have some helpful input for you with your recent mantle cell lymphoma diagnosis and will provide some support.

Has your doctor made recommendations on a treatment plan, @lottajoy?

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Thanks for the invite. I was diagnosed in 2/2014 at age 69. My disease presented in the bone marrow and kidneys. I had no symptoms. Kidney presentation is very rare. I had chemo and was in remission after 3 monthly treatments. I followed that with two years of Rituxan. I spent 3 years on dialysis and was able to come off after many lifestyle changes -. and without a transplant (a miracle). At the moment I am in remission. I go to MD Anderson for my disease. I came here because I still have low kidney function and am looking for ways to improve.

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